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FAU ChimpanZoo Day at Lion Country Safari      12 February 2015


The Honor's College Biology Professor Dr. Jim Wetterer (in the purple shirt) from Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton  brought his biology class to Lion Country Safari to see the chimpanzees.  Angela (at computer) was taking data at the time.  Terry Wolf spoke to the class regarding chimpanzee behavior at Lion Country and Bev Scott spoke to them about the ChimpanZoo program and some of the other research LCS had been involved in. Some of the students were majoring in veterinarian medicine, biology, anthropology etc.  A few students had a definite interest in working with chimpanzees and wanted to join the ChimpanZoo program to learn more.  They had a list of questions they brought along.

Here's a few questions:  What sort of data do you collect from the chimpanzee's and what sort of projects/analysis can be done?  Could be a potential thesis for me or other students in the future?

How long do chimps live?  How much care do chimp parents give to their young when they are born?  What types of enrichment do you provide for the different animals? 



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