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Human Behavior


Beyond Chimpanzee Studies~ practical applications with human behavior: Using the Scientific Process or Inquiry Model


As with any chimpanzee study, skeptics often ask, how studying chimpanzees applies to them. After practice with the ChimpanZoo behavioral protocol, students will come away with the understanding that the methods they used in studying chimpanzee behavior are interchangeable with studying behavior of  humans as well.


Complying quantitative data 

Using the Scientific Method of Inquiry: Explore one of the following or come up with your own: 


 How much on-task activity students show during class
 What type of activity do students exhibit most in class
 What type of social interactions are shown during lunch
  What part of the building do most students spend their lunch hour 


  • Form a hypothesis for one of the problems stated above or of your own:


  • List the materials you will use:


  •  step by step instructions to perform activity


  • properly display information in the form of a table, chart or graph


v   restate your problem and hypothesis

v     talk about the meaning of your data

v     list problems or errors in your procedure and possible solutions


contributed by Eric Matthews


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