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Bev Scott

Lion Country Safari ChimpanZoo Instructor and Observer 2004- present Loxahatchee, Florida


University of Tampa BS in psychology

Nova (Southeastern) University in Ft. Lauderdale MS in counseling , ED.S. in school psychology  

Project Participation: 

Contributed data for the following: 

Personality Traits change over Time with Chimpanzees Dr. James  King  Normal and Abnormal Behavior of Adolescent Male Chimpanzees Steve Ross (Lincoln Park Zoo), Dr. Molly Goldsmith (Yerkes Primate Center) and Dr. Tamara Bettinger  Disney's Animal Kingdom.    

Bev lives not far from her daughter and spends time playing tennis on Senior League teams, cards, Mah Jongg, etc.  She teaches ChimpanZoo Observer Classes at least twice a year and contributes to a very successful LCS ChimpanZoo program.



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