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Eric Matthews


ChimpanZoo Research Coordinator 2018- present
Biology Teacher David Douglas High School Portland Oregon 1993-2015 Retired
DDHS ChimpanZoo Club Advisor 2009-present
ChimpanZoo Observer  
ChimpanZoo Web editor 2003- present

curriculum vitae

B.S. Education Northern Arizona University
M.A. Education Northern Arizona University

Guest Speaker

50 Years of Research: Gombe National Park Sisters of St. Mary of the Valley  Beaverton, Oregon (2012)

ChimpanZoo at your Zoo Co-presenter on panel with Dr. Jane Goodall DBE American Zoological Association Conference Portland Oregon (2009)

The Whole Chimpanzee Oregon Science Teachers' Association Annual Conference Portland, Oregon (2007)

The Legacy of Gombe National Park Oregon Zoo A.P.E. Committee (2006)

Gombe at 45 Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (2005)

ChimpanZoo Research and Gombe Research Center Forest Ridge Elementary Salem/ Keizer School District (2005)

Chimpanzees and Research at Gombe National Park Robert Straub Environmental Learning Center (2005)

Photo Credits in Publications

Apes, Lice and Prehistory (2009) Journal of Biology 2009, 8:20 (doi:10.1186/jbiol114) photograph (a) grooming chimpanzees pg. 20.3

Why Chimpanzee Pets Go Bad (March 2009) Edit International, http://www.editinternational.com/read.php?id=49c144f17b9b6
photograph Chimpanzee Fear Face

Your Guide to Gombe (2008) the Jane Goodall Institute, photograph Flirt pg. 11


Matthews, Eric. (2004)The State of Harmony in the Oregon Zoo Chimpanzee Social Group. ChimpanZoo Conference Proceedings, Chicago, Ill.., The Jane Goodall Institute

Matthews, Eric. (2003) The Correlation Between Play Behavior and Personality in Captive Chimpanzees. ChimpanZoo Conference Proceedings, Boca Raton, FL., The Jane Goodall Institute

Matthews, Eric. (2002) The Evolution of Primate Play: What are the similarities and difference in primate play with apes and humans . ChimpanZoo Conference Proceedings, Sacramento CA., The Jane Goodall Institute

Matthews, Eric. (2001) Social behavior of long-term captive chimpanzees: The occurrence of solitary, agonistic and affinitive behavior in long-term relationships of captive chimpanzees . ChimpanZoo Conference Proceedings, Portland OR., The Jane Goodall Institute

Matthews, Eric. (1999) Effective Teaching of Primate Anatomy and Behavior in the Middle and High School Classroom. ChimpanZoo Conference Proceedings, Manhattan KS., The Jane Goodall Institute


Matthews, Eric. (1997) Bridge Construction: An Introduction to Applied Science
Matthews, Eric. (1992) Going Ape! An Introduction to Primate Anatomy and Behavior
Matthews, Eric. (1988) The World Right Under Your Nose! An Introduction to Microscopic Life


(1997) 50 Bright Idea Awards, Best Classroom Practices, Chevron Education Award, sponsored by the National Science Foundation and California Academy of Sciences



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