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Private Facility, Egypt 

Private Facility, Egypt

October 7, 2018

Goal: Supervising Joint Committee of General Organization of Veterinary Services (GOVS), Egypt in joint efforts with Giza Zoo organized a one-day trip to a private facility (could get name) to evaluate, advise and exchange information regarding animal welfare.  

Originally, the owners were planning to create a small zoo, but the man was arrested and sent to prison and the wife was trying to sell as many animals she could to pay bills and to feed the rest of the collection. Some animals were sold to the circuses already. There was a real danger of selling their 2.1 chimpanzees to the circus as well.  

The animals were found physically in fairly good condition; they were fed regularly, but they were housed under unacceptable circumstances – in empty cages with bars or mesh and filth. The owners had money to hire one keeper who could get to each cage maybe 1-2 times per week. Additionally, most cages didn’t have substrates to soak up excrement therefore everything was covered with flies and had a bad odor.



Continuing to keep animals off very hot or very cold, persistently wet, unyielding surfaces (brick, concrete, tile, etc.) would be desirable. Even during summer times, the floor needs to be covered at least partially. The use of appropriate substrate (paper products, hay or straw, grass, sand, soil, mulch, fresh browse, etc.) will make a significant difference not only in the animals’ health but also in improvement of the exhibit aesthetics.


To prevent boredom toys could be provided. Examples of behavioral enrichment: chew toys, squeaky toys, balls, frisbees, stuffed toys, cardboard boxes, plastic bottles, etc. (ACE does encourage the owners of the boarding dogs to provide bedding and toys from their home environment.)  

Bones, plastic bottles with holes and food inside plus Kong toys can be used to extend foraging time


I would like to thank the GOVS and the Giza Zoo’s director for inviting me to improve those animals’ welfare. I would also like to thank Dr. Mary Lewis for funding this trip and establishing such a wonderful working relationship between the Jane Goodall Institute, the GOVS, the Phoenix Zoo and the Giza Zoo.


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